Enjoy A Small Lifestyle By Living In Humble, TX


Even if your job is located in the fast-paced metropolis of Houston, you can enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle by living in Humble, Texas, and the surrounding communities. With all the amenities of a big city nearby, you can reap the additional benefit of living in a small town of 16,000 when you rent or buy a home in the area.


Enjoy A Sense Of Community

Humble and the nearby communities offer the typical benefits of living in a small town: You can easily get to know your neighbors. While you might not know everyone, you are more likely to be familiar with those on your block or in your apartment complex. Whenever you go to church or the grocery store, you are likely to see people you know and enjoy interacting with a familiar group of people.

The city has a sense of history that is important to local residents. The economy of the town may no longer be based on oil as it was in the mid-20th century, but the important contribution of the oil industry to the local economy is remembered each spring during the Good Oil Days. This festival pays homage to the past while offering what you might expect at a festival: booths, arts and crafts, music, decadent fair food, and more. The proceeds from the event benefit local seniors.


Live Healthy In Humble

This town with an area of 10 square miles lends itself to a healthy lifestyle. Businesses are laid out for an easy walk to grocery stores and other small businesses. With a walk score of 79, you can complete most errands on foot. Too much to carry? You can reach almost anywhere in town by car or public transport within 15 minutes.

In addition, Humble has four city-owned parks, plus additional county- and state-managed parks in the area, where you can run, play sports on teams or informally with friends, play tennis, shoot hoops, swim, picnic, and more. If you prefer indoor workouts, there are multiple fitness centers for adults and children in the area.


Shop Local – Or Not

Humble is a robust location for local business. Whether you need a home-cooked meal or a cup of coffee, doctor or dentist, landscaping services, clothing, or other goods and services, you can find what you need right here. With Deerbrook Mall located in the city at I-69/US 59 and FM 1960, you can also patronize major retailers such as Macy’s, Dillards, JC Penney, Sears, and Forever 21. The mall currently has 143 establishments, plus movie theaters and restaurants. Near the mall is one of the few places in Humble where you might see traffic congestion.

Humble is a part of the Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce, which recently published a report of the robust development underway in the area.


Experience The Humble Area

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