Frequently Asked Questions

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Does a Seller always have to provide the survey?

  • Question:  I had a survey of my home done when I bought it five years ago. Now I’m selling my house, and I can’t find it. Am I responsible for providing the survey?
  • Answer:  It depends. If you’re using the One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale), look to Paragraph 6C for your options. There are three options within that paragraph related to whether the buyer or seller must provide the survey and when they must do so.  Carefully review these options before selecting a check box in Paragraph 6C. Talk to your Texas REALTOR® to learn more about your options and the steps you should take in your transaction.

Can I choose who makes the repairs?

  • Question:  I requested some repairs to the home I’m buying, and the seller agreed to make them. I’d like to choose the companies to do the work, but the seller insists that he will choose them. Isn’t it my right to decide—or at least approve of—who will make the repairs on the home I’m buying?
  • Answer:  The Texas Real Estate Commission contracts don’t provide for the buyer to designate who makes the repairs. However, the contracts do specify that the seller must use someone licensed to make the repairs, or, if no license is required by law, the seller must use someone commercially engaged in the trade of providing such repairs. The buyer and seller may agree otherwise in writing. Talk to your REALTOR® about this situation to see if you and the seller can agree to a situation that is mutually acceptable to both parties. Your REALTOR® can also advise you about other considerations regarding repairs, such as timing issues or repairs required by the lender.


6 Reasons To Contact A REALTOR®

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Does your list of New Year’s resolutions include real estate-related goals? One way to ensure you achieve them is to work with a professional. So, if one of these situations arises, be sure to reach out to a Texas REALTOR®.

You think you’re ready to buy a home. A Texas REALTOR® can walk you through the process and ensure you get answers to your first-time-homebuyer questions.

You’re considering selling your home. He or she can help you determine how much your home is worth and what you can do to best prepare your home to attract buyers.

You want to buy a second home or investment property. Whether you’re planning to be a landlord or you’d rather hire a property manager, a Texas REALTOR® can explain the best practices and requirements in your market.

You’re new to the neighborhood. If you have questions about the community or want recommendations for local businesses, contact your Texas REALTOR®.

You’d like to protest your property-tax appraisal. If you think your appraisal was off-base, your Texas REALTOR® can help you collect evidence that supports your claim.

You have a home improvement to-do list. He or she can help you determine which upgrades will generate the biggest return when you're ready to sell. Plus, your Texas REALTOR® is tapped into a network of service providers, including contractors, landscapers, and repairmen, that you may want to consult.



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