Part of the Houston Metropolitan area, the fifth largest metropolis in the United States, Humble, Texas lies about 20 miles northeast of the city of Houston. Just 22 minutes via I 69, the city of nearly 16,000 people spread over 9.9 square miles in Harris County is an excellent place to live and work. While Humble is a quick commute from the city, which makes it a bedroom community for those who work in the big city, its businesses pull in a large daytime commuter population. Its history is also fascinating.


Early History As A Commercial Center


Humble was founded in the early 1800’s by Pleasant Smith Humble, known as Plez, who bought land along the San Jacinto River and began a ferry service that soon made the city a commercial center, due to the plentiful timber in the area. To avoid flooding, he moved his family to higher ground atop a salt dome, a geologic structure which often traps oil during its formation.


C.O. Bender built a sawmill in the area to process lumber, and set up a commissary where workers received tokens for merchandise. The town soon acquired two hotels, two general stores, a church, and a school. In 1886, the town of Humble was named after its founder, who was also an attorney, gravel miner, storekeeper, justice of the peace, and hewer of railroad ties.


Oil Transforms The City


In 1903 the little town dependent on timber production and truck and dairy farming became an oil boom town when oil was found there within a 2.5 mile radius of the city. By 1905, Humble was the largest producing oil field in Texas. People flooded into the town to work the fields, which multiplied the population of 700 to 20,000. Railroad connections were built in the city to ship out barrels of oil. Local timber provided a ready supply of railroad ties.


Local entrepreneurs incorporated the Humble Oil & Refining Company, which later became part of Exxon. While the oil boom receded, the town returned to farming and timber economy, yet the oil fields remain active. To date, these fields have produced 138,835,590 barrels of oil.


Resurgence of Humble


The City of Humble incorporated in 1933, and spent the next few decades as a small town. When Houston International Airport was built in 1969, Humble again experienced a building boom, while a host of new suburbs sprang up in the area, such as Forest Cove, Kingwood, Atascocita, Lake Houston, Eagle Springs, Summerwood, and more.


More business popped up in the more-established Humble to serve the surrounding communities. The area is home to Deerbrook Mall, numerous hotels and restaurants, oil production, and many industrial concerns. Humble is considered to be the commercial, economic, and social hub for Northeast Harris county, according to the city website.


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