Prepare Home for Sale

Staging your home can help it sell faster and for a higher price.  A clean, uncluttered, freshly painted house is good start toward attracting buyers.  See the checklist below for more details.

The following checklist will help you prepare your home for sale with the goal of getting the top sale price:

Staging Your Home for Sale

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House with flower garden in front. St Augustine Florida.

Curb Appeal

Be sure to keep the lawn and shrubs neatly manicured.  Flowers and fresh mulch with draw a buyer’s eye to your front entry, which should be clean and clutter free.  Make sure broken shutters are repaired/replaced.  Make sure porch lights are working and house numbers are visible and in good condition.  Clean all windows and screens.  Make sure gutters are firmly attached.  A fresh coat of paint on the house and trim is the grand finale.

A left-handed young man is painting a bedroom wall next to a window with a green paint roller. Blue masking tape outlines the window frame for protection against potential spatters and slips.

All Rooms

A fresh coat of neutral paint on walls and trim will give your home a fresh look.  Clean light switches and make sure all bulbs are working. Replace/repair broken fixtures.  Clean out attic spaces and garages and organize closets and drawers.  Carpets, draperies, and furniture should all be professionally cleaned so they are looking their best.

Housewife cleaning dining table

Remove Clutter

A clutter-free home will sell faster.  Make a habit of keeping things picked up and put away.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  Your home should show like a model home where only essential items are out and visible.  Pack away items you do not use every day and move those boxes to a storage place out of sight.  It cannot be overstated that a clean, organized room with a fresh smell is appealing to buyers.

on trend bedroom in greys and pinks


Make your bed every day.  Keep furniture clean with personal items put away.  Clean/vacuum floor daily.  Room should be well lit and inviting.

A beautiful living room with leather furniture in an estate home.

Living Room & Den

A minimal amount of furniture will make the room look larger.  Remove personal photos and replace with generic pictures.  Fluff cushions and pillows.  Make furniture is clean.

Photo showing a traditional country kitchen, with a large range cooker with gas hob, duck egg green cupboards and wall cabinets, a white ceramic sink (Belfast sink), a terracotta tiled floor, wooden worktops, shelves with storage vegetable baskets, a plate rack, and a pine table and chairs.


Keep countertops clean with very few items visible.  Soft Scrub with bleach will brighten up your sink while it removes stains.  A fresh bowl of fruit on counter is a nice touch.  Make sure all dishes are clean and put away.  Clean appliances top to bottom.  Floors should be swept clean daily.  Fresh baked cookies are always inviting to potential buyers and make your house feel more welcoming.

Yellow Gloved Hand Cleaning Privy with Blue Brush


Keep countertops, sinks, fixtures, toilet bowl, rugs, and floor clean.  Put away personal items in cabinets/drawers.  A pumice stone will remove ring around inside of bowl.  Tub and tile should be clean and free of mildew.  If necessary, re-caulk tub to give tub a fresh look.  Drying tile and rim of tub with towel after showering will prevent mildew from growing.  Keep laundry and dirty towels put away.

dress and shirts hanging on rail in white wardrobe


A closet can never be big enough.  Pack away all items except those you will need for the next few months.  Organize with the fewest amount of clothes and shoes.  Your closet will look larger with the least amount of items that are taking up space.


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